Sunday, October 14, 2018

Fernleaf UHT Milk 100% Mmmmm... Made With 100% Milk from New Zealand

Fernleaf, the brand that I have been trusted and always my favourite since young, and have been shared with my son happily and satisfactorily. We are getting even happier when Fernleaf was sending us a yummilicious goodness kit to our house. Let's get to know more about Fernleaf.

Fernleaf ~ Made with 100% Milk from New Zealand
Who can resist the creamy taste of Fernleaf UHT Milk? My kid definitely love it!

About Fernleaf
At Fernleaf, cows are at the heart of Fernleaf's dairy farming business and Fernleaf's farmers take care of them very seriously.

In New Zealand, Fernleaf farms the way nature intended, with their cows grazing on lush pastures.

As a result, the milk produced is the richest natural food source of bio-available calcium and many other essential nutrients including high quality protein, vitamin A and vitamin D.

Grass-Fed Dairy Cows
Did you know that not all dairy cows are grass-fed?

New Zealand's fertile soil, excellent rainfall and abundant sunshine make it one of the best places in the world to produce milk.

It is one of the few countries where dairy cows can graze outdoors freely, without being confined to cubicles, on high quality fresh grass that gives them the best from nature to produce high quality nutritious milk.

By spending 90% of the time grazing grass freely on sunny days, they receive healthy dose of vitamin D.

Hence, Fernleaf's cows produce milk with typically higher levels of vitamin D as compared to other dairy cows that are often confined in indoors.

Dairy Cows Produce Milk Naturally
With the high quality of grass, cozy climate, clean air and water, Fernleaf's dairy cows produce milk naturally without needing any form of milk booster.

Dairy Expert
With over 140 years of experience in dairy farming, Fernleaf dedicated farmers who take pride in their work, ensure the highest quality at every stage of milk production - from clean water, high quality grass and all the way to the finished products.

Packed with 100% Trusted Goodness from New Zealand
Fernleaf UHT milk comes in three delicious variants:
  • Full Cream
  • Low Fat
  • Chocolate
Packing size available in 1-litre and 200ml pack.

Lovely delicious goodness received from Fernleaf.

The lovely cow is so adorable!

100% Mmmmm... with my peculiar cat :)

Sunshine happiness, with sunshine straw glasses, delivered delicious happiness :)

More information at:
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