Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Flower Fun Brunch with Illy Ariffin ~ Discover Tanamera with Pure Natural Ingredients

Many thanks to sweetie Illy Ariffin for her lovely invitation, I had an enjoyable Saturday Girls Day Out at Two Sons Restaurant, The Starling, Petaling Jaya. Since the theme is flower, we could get to dress up in our favourite flowery outfit, love it!

Picture from https://www.instagram.com/illyariffin/

Thanks for having me to enjoy the fun sharing with you dear Illy ๐Ÿ’•

Illy is such a sweet lovely lady, besides organized this lovely girls day out, she also decorated the lovely table setting at the restaurant with beautiful flowers and cute little party stuff like the cute starry drinking straw, so lovely!

The lovely day out was supported by Tanamera Malaysia, thus every lady received lovely natural goodies from Tanamera Malaysia. ๐ŸŒฟ 

Thanks very much to the two friendly ladies Catherine and Elaine from Tanamera Malaysia who joined us in this day out, sharing the natural goodness of Tanamera as well as our lady's personal and family fun chatting.

During the sharing session, Illy shared about her amazing discovery on Tanamera range of products which are using pure natural ingredients, absolutely gentle and kind to delicate skin. Tanamera means Red Earth in Malay language, in which the name brings out Tanamera's main emphasis on their range of products are carefully made from raw materials sourced from rich and luscious tropical rainforests.

Lovely ladies' sharing and chatting session comes with lovely delicious food too. Certainly a lovely enjoyable Saturday afternoon treats!

We also took the opportunity to visit the flagship store of Tanamera which is just located opposite the restaurant, at the same mall The Starling.

Tanamera is also offering the Malay Traditional Massage and Spa Packages at its flagship store in The Starling. One of its signature treatments is Tanamera Postnatal Ritual.

One of the blogger friends, the lovely Ruby at https://www.facebook.com/rubydotmy/ shared that she had went for the Tanamera Postnatal Ritual treatment after gave birth to her lovely child, and she felt it was amazingly effective for her!

The leaflet that I obtained at its flagship store that shows the massage treatments and spa packages available with price list.

Ladies were checking out the pure natural goodies in store ~~

Love this candid picture by Illy's husband!

One of my favourite products which was given in the goodies bag is Tanamera Aroma Stone. This aroma stone is made from charcoal, it is a clean, safe and effective way of vapourising essential oils without the use of electricity or heat. Thus the Tanamera Aroma Stone is safe and convenience to bring along easily, it can be used in the car, in the office, in the bedroom, or simply place inside the handbag or inside the wardrobe, these are some of the ways that suggested by Catherine.

Such a wonderful meet up with Illy and blogger friends! Thank you once again Illy for your lovely organized event and Tanamera Malaysia for your lovely supports. I wish that there would be more opportunity to attend Illy's #BloomingWithIlly lovely event, hope to see you soon sweetie Illy ๐Ÿ’•

More information available at:
Tanamera Website: https://tanamera.com.my/
Tanamera Tropical Spa Products Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TanameraOfficial/
Tanamera Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tanameraofficial/

Friday, February 15, 2019

Neil Armayan Revesol ~ Age Reverse Cream

To continue my favourite skin care products discovery journey, many thanks to Terence Jin Neoh from Neil Armayan who has given me a beautiful opportunity to try one of the golden products of Neil Armayan, the Revesol.

As my glamorous age is approaching, I certainly wish to discover skin care products that can improve and maintain a youthful skin for me. Neil Armayan Revesol comes in a perfect timing for me.

Neil Armayan Revesol is clinically formulated with powerful multi-factor age reverse cream. Empowered with PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica which to protect and to repair the skin's natural stem cells and associated functionalities. Thus the aging process is able to slow down by optimising the skin's stem cells performance.

Connecting with nowadays beauty trend in finding Botox-alternative, Neil Armayan Revesol is a superior Botox-alternative. Besides having moisturising and UV protection components, it has many additional benefits, as per below lists:-

  • Delay aging of essential cells
  • Enhance protection and repair the functions of skin stem cells
  • Improve vitality and rejuvenate skin cells
  • Exceptional moisturising property
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduce inflammation and acne formation
  • Prevent pores clogging and allow room for new cell growth
  • Provide nominal protection against the sun's ultraviolet ray
  • Anti-fungal properties 

Stem cells of an old apple cultivar with very good storage properties were produced by applying plant cell culture technique. The extract of the cultured apple stem cells was shown to enhance the viability of umbilical cord blood stem cells, to reverse senescence signs in human fibroblast cells and to increase lifespan of isolated human hair follicles.

~ article on Plant Stem Cell Extract for Longevity of Skin and Hair ~

Active Ingredients in Neil Armayan Revesol

PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica
Apple stem cells to promote vitality and longevity of skin stem cells, has the same repair mechanism as plant cells.

Jojoba Oil
Rich in antioxidants to soothe fine lines and wrinkles. Rich in iodine to fight harmful bacteria growth.

Beta-Hydroxyde ACSD
Soft salicylic acid with low irritation side effect to reduce sebum, to cleanse pores by removing dead cells from skin and to kill acne bacteria.

Hyaluronic Filling Spheres
Trap water to skin for superb moisturising effects. Smoothen deep wrinkles through biotechnology.

Cell Activator (OXY229PF)
Enhance oxygen uptake, cell viability and cell turnover. Good metabolic activity in cells naturally revitalize the skin.

Vitamin E
Protect the skin from harmful UV rays, reduce depth of existing wrinkles and brown spots, shorten facial lines.

The cream texture of Neil Armayan Revesol is pretty smooth and silky, when applying on my skin, it dissolved into the skin fast and smooth without feeling too greasy. The Revesol cream has a natural pleasant scent which I would not feel there is heavy fragrance on my face skin.

After using Neil Armayan Revesol for a month, my previously stressed-look has begun to fade-away, my skin now is looking more radiant and smoother, as told by my colleagues.

Women love to hear compliment, and we women deserve good care for our delicate skin. By using good skin care products and good effect delivered in our delicate skin, we certainly deserve well-maintained youthful skin.

For more information, please visit the below:-

Website: http://www.neilarmayan.kr/
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/neilarmayan/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/n.armayanig/

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Watsons Malaysia Ushers Chinese New Year with #HappyBeautifulYear 2019 Campaign

Watsons Malaysia continues its tradition of #HappyBeautifulYear ushers into Chinese New Year with a star-studded campaign video set in an opulent style of 1940s Malaysian Chinese and "East Meet West" culture infusion, featuring local celebrities, popular social media influencers, and an original musical score. Interestingly as always, the storyline of this video comes with a twist ~ Watsons style.

Picture by courtesy of Watsons Malaysia

The celebrities appearing in the star-studded video include JinnyBoy, Amber Chia, Pink Tan, John Tan, Justin, Han Xiiao Aii, with cameo appearances by Watsons own Malaysia's Top Influencers (Fasiha, Eva and Daniel), Rubini Sambanthan, Eldison Lim and Gary Hau. Styled by renowned fashion designer Beatrice Looi, the wardrobes drawn the inspiration from Haipai, an avant-garde but "East Meet West" culture from Shanghai back in 20th and 21th centuries. These wardrobes were a hit amongst Malaysian Chinese in the 1940s.

#HappyBeautifulYear features a musical story of siblings' rivalry over trivial matter. The drama begins when a younger sister is seen donning the eldest sister's outfit, makeups and accessories without permission during the family reunion dinner. The music video later ends with a beautiful message of putting aside differences and unites with one another for a time of togetherness and good wishes to everyone.

Feel free to watch and laugh along with this latest and biggest of #HappyBeautifulYear video in Watsons Malaysia YouTube Channel.

"Every year, Watsons' Chinese New Year music video has to be one of the highly anticipated campaigns across Malaysia. Following the success of our previous #HappyBeautifulYear, we are proud to bring back #HappyBeautifulYear as part of Watsons own tradition. This year, we welcome 2019 with a beautiful message of reconciliation and family togetherness. It's about putting aside our differences to celebrate Chinese New Year together. Watsons is proud to showcase the music video that is produced and directed with the most original, comical storyline with a charming song arrangement. We believe it will be one of Malaysia's favourite videos to watch in this festive season," said Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia.

The Launch Party of Watsons #HappyBeautifulYear 2019 was held at Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

The Chinese Fan Calligraphy presented by Chinese Calligrapher

In conjunction with #HappyBeautifulYear campaign, "The Great Sale" is happening now across Watsons Malaysia nationwide stores, enjoy up to 50% discounts on skincare, cosmetics, personal care, healthcare and many more. Watsons members also stand a chance to win up to RM888,888 worth of Watsons points when they spend RM88 at Watsons stores and online, and at the same time earn 8 times points when they pay with Boost."

Tikam Wall corner displaying childhood memory goodies

Watsons members also get to collect free and beautiful collectibles ahead when they spend:
  • RM88 and above to get free red Angpow packets and reward coupon.
  • RM138 and above to get free #HappyBeautifulYear bag with assorted beauty goodies.
  • For Watsons Elite members only, spend RM188 and above to get free limited edition 6" Premium Gold Bowl.

Caryn Loh, right side, with Amber Chia, left side

Picture taking with ่ดข็ฅž็ˆท ~ Happy Ong Ong Year

Joining the #HappyBeautifulYear bandwagon is our beloved Pocotee & Friends. There is a line-up of Pocotee & Friends limited edition collectibles ready for grab as Watsons offers 50% off under PWP (Purchase-with-Purchase) deals. With only RM20 and above or simply buy any participating product, Watsons members can splurge on these collectibles up to three PWP items each in one receipt. Catch these cute yet functional items such as luggages, cosmetic bags and foldable bags at all Watsons stores and online store too.

Picture by courtesy of Watsons Malaysia

To bring more joyous in the festive celebration, Watsons Malaysia also launches the TikTok Dance Challenge with prizes worth of RM20,000 up for grabs. To participate, post a video of you dancing to the tunes of Watsons theme song and include the hashtag #HappyBeautifulYear in TikTok app. Follow Watsons Malaysia TikTok account for more details of participation.

During the event, Caryn Loh and Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia, led all the celebrities that were part of Watsons #HappyBeautifulYear video in a grand Lou Sang session.

Picture by courtesy of Watsons Malaysia

Another highlight during the event was special guest appearance by the popular Hong Kong TVB actor Mat Yeung ๆฅŠๆ˜Ž who held an exclusive meet and greet session with Watsons Elite members. He was recently seen in the highly-acclaimed TVB drama Fist Fight ๅ…„ๅผŸ.

Picture by courtesy of Watsons Malaysia

My blurry picture with Mat Yeung ~~

With the ever friendly cute Rafzan Tomomi

With the aim to promote and to celebrate inner beauty among Watsons customers, Watsons Malaysia wishes to deliver the message on, the choice of putting aside differences and coming together as family and friends reflects one of the "inner beauty" qualities that we all have within us. With the sharing of such compelling message, Watsons Malaysia hopes and wishes their customers to have meaningful and unique experience with their loved ones and looking the best during this joyous festivity.

More information at Watsons Malaysia Facebook Page.