Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Flower Fun Brunch with Illy Ariffin ~ Discover Tanamera with Pure Natural Ingredients

Many thanks to sweetie Illy Ariffin for her lovely invitation, I had an enjoyable Saturday Girls Day Out at Two Sons Restaurant, The Starling, Petaling Jaya. Since the theme is flower, we could get to dress up in our favourite flowery outfit, love it!

Picture from https://www.instagram.com/illyariffin/

Thanks for having me to enjoy the fun sharing with you dear Illy 💕

Illy is such a sweet lovely lady, besides organized this lovely girls day out, she also decorated the lovely table setting at the restaurant with beautiful flowers and cute little party stuff like the cute starry drinking straw, so lovely!

The lovely day out was supported by Tanamera Malaysia, thus every lady received lovely natural goodies from Tanamera Malaysia. 🌿 

Thanks very much to the two friendly ladies Catherine and Elaine from Tanamera Malaysia who joined us in this day out, sharing the natural goodness of Tanamera as well as our lady's personal and family fun chatting.

During the sharing session, Illy shared about her amazing discovery on Tanamera range of products which are using pure natural ingredients, absolutely gentle and kind to delicate skin. Tanamera means Red Earth in Malay language, in which the name brings out Tanamera's main emphasis on their range of products are carefully made from raw materials sourced from rich and luscious tropical rainforests.

Lovely ladies' sharing and chatting session comes with lovely delicious food too. Certainly a lovely enjoyable Saturday afternoon treats!

We also took the opportunity to visit the flagship store of Tanamera which is just located opposite the restaurant, at the same mall The Starling.

Tanamera is also offering the Malay Traditional Massage and Spa Packages at its flagship store in The Starling. One of its signature treatments is Tanamera Postnatal Ritual.

One of the blogger friends, the lovely Ruby at https://www.facebook.com/rubydotmy/ shared that she had went for the Tanamera Postnatal Ritual treatment after gave birth to her lovely child, and she felt it was amazingly effective for her!

The leaflet that I obtained at its flagship store that shows the massage treatments and spa packages available with price list.

Ladies were checking out the pure natural goodies in store ~~

Love this candid picture by Illy's husband!

One of my favourite products which was given in the goodies bag is Tanamera Aroma Stone. This aroma stone is made from charcoal, it is a clean, safe and effective way of vapourising essential oils without the use of electricity or heat. Thus the Tanamera Aroma Stone is safe and convenience to bring along easily, it can be used in the car, in the office, in the bedroom, or simply place inside the handbag or inside the wardrobe, these are some of the ways that suggested by Catherine.

Such a wonderful meet up with Illy and blogger friends! Thank you once again Illy for your lovely organized event and Tanamera Malaysia for your lovely supports. I wish that there would be more opportunity to attend Illy's #BloomingWithIlly lovely event, hope to see you soon sweetie Illy 💕

More information available at:
Tanamera Website: https://tanamera.com.my/
Tanamera Tropical Spa Products Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TanameraOfficial/
Tanamera Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tanameraofficial/


  1. Wah, the deco is so nice..i will try Tanamera for next consignment for sure..

    1. Hi Nurzarini, thanks for visiting here, yes I also love their deco :) Awesome to know that your interest to try Tanamera! I really love their natural yet calming skin care products which wouldn't irritate my sensitive skin :)

  2. SPA is the best place to take relaxion our boy and mind

    1. Hi Tuan Hanafi, thanks so much for your visit! Yes totally agree that spa is one of my favourite way to pamper myself :)

    2. you're welcome Charlotte Gan...

      i think SPA also for a man like me

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