Thursday, October 31, 2019

Butterfly Coachella Unity Celebration at Hearty Party Setia Alam, Selangor

My very-first Coachella OOTD for The Butterfly Project

Finally I have the amazing chance to join my first ever party experience with the lovely Butterfly Project Community! Themed Butterfly Coachella, I felt very exciting as Coachella Themed Dress is something new to me, and my google search results sparkled some fantastic ideas for me^^

Coachella themed-dress ideas from Google search

The party experience was like Alice in Wonderland magical experience. Thanks so much Mamasan Tammy Lim for sending this magical invitation to begin my very first Butterfly journey!

Magical Memory Wonderland ~ Tagbooth Photobooth

My first-met Butterfly ~ Olivia who greeted me when I entered the 3-storey building of Hearty Party located at Setia Alam, Selangor. Ground floor's setting was with Registration Counter and beautiful photograph opportunity with Tagbooth Photobooth.

So lucky Mamasan Tammy was there so we and other lovely Butterflies took a lot of photographs at the amazing setting by Tagbooth Photobooth! You know, ladies generally love A LOT to take MANY pictures^^

Thank you Eros for captuing this lovely moment!

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Butterfly Gathering Wonderland ~ Hearty Party Sdn Bhd

A lovely place with awesome deco, Hearty Party is an exclusive premium event space located in Setia Alam, Selangor. Hearty Party has an amazing rooftop as well as indoor space to suit the event theme needed.

Picture by Eros @fishmeatdie

Services offered as below:-
  • Event Space Rental 
  • Themed DIY Party Set Rental
  • Furnitures Rental
  • Lovely Party Props Rental
  • Party Decoration Services
  • Event Organizing Services
  • Arts and Craft Classes

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Beauty-licious Wonderland ~ Althea Korea

With Mamasan Tammy in the house, how can Althea Korea be left out? Absolutely Althea Korea is one of the main wonderlands that I wanted to explore more for its beauty-licious magic displayed cute-lovely in the hanging pop-up booth on first floor.

A'bloom by Althea Korea

The ever-cutest A'bloom is all about delivering fresh, fast and funky K-beauty products. Althea Korea is starting off A'bloom with 4 delightful goodies as below.

A'bloom Sheet Mask

Available in 4 fruity flavours ~ Avo-Cuddle-Me, Water-Me-Long, Sparkle-Me-Bright, Ac-Me-Peach. Pamper my delicate skin with these cutie masks that have 2-in-1 formula consisting of fruit extracts rich in antioxidants and plant extracts for added hydration.

A'bloom Meringue Puff

Available in 2 sizes which look cute enough to eat ~ baby and giant size. These makeup puffs help to create the perfect complexion and can be used in dry and wet for different finishes.

A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster

The hottest K-beauty trend, this non-irritating and triple-care pore stick is easy to carry and apply, only 30 seconds is needed to get all the junk out of (nose's) trunk!

A'bloom Brow Wow Eyebrow Pencil

The latest collection of A'bloom family that is available in 3 colours. I just love this cool eyebrow pencil as its finishing is so smooth that well-defined my brows perfectly.

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Fashionista Wonderland ~ Voir Gallery

Also on first floor, this wonderland made Butterflies flying around excitingly and lost themselves in the paradise of beautiful bags!

There was a Best-Dressed Contest going on too whereby Butterflies to share their Coachella Look and to pose with Voir Bag and to WIN attractive Voir Gallery Shopping Vouchers!

Congratulations to the 3 Butterflies ~ the Best-Dressed Winners who rock their Coachella look paired with Voir Gallery Bag 

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Blooming Wonderland ~ Avantgarde Blooms

Inspired by the perfectly imperfect garden-themed fresh flower bouquet, the sweet founder Emi Goto this time presented fresh beautiful roses for the Butterflies to linger around with sweet roses' scent. There were also party-tattoo-stickers for Butterflies to shine around at the party.

Picture by Eros @fishmeatdie

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Yummy-licious Wonderland 

Signature Market

This healthy-delicious corner on first floor too, displaying all natural and organic products that made my tummy felt hungry after taking many many pictures in the Wonderlands around.

Picture by Eros @fishmeatdie

Signature Market was founded in year 2014 by Edwin Wang and John Cheng (now I only realized my facebook friend John Cheng is one of the founders, kudos John!). Signature Market carries more than 200 types of item and can be purchased online via

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Curmudgeon's Brew

After flying around to hunt for lovely goodies and to pose for pictures, a cold brewed coffee is just perfect to quench my thirst and refresh my tired-soul (tiring in taking many pictures haha). Served by the friendly Ms Arpita Ladida Bajaj, I have tried the vanilla flavour and it's not too sweet which is great for me!

Picture by Eros @fishmeatdie

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A refreshing cold brewed coffee that brought me extra energy to continue my exploration to the third floor. Just in time to bring happiness to my hungry-soul, a lovely scrumptious buffet feast was presented beautifully by JomParty. Served by lovely lady boss Lydia, her selection of food and decoration was too beautiful and well, as usual for a blogger's habit, camera first before eat^^

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Lerz' Tea & Coffee

Oppa Tommy Tong was in the house to be the sparkling barista to serve his healthy fruity drinks for Butterflies, ensuring that every cups were personalized and handcrafted on the spot to bring freshly brewed drinks to Butterflies.

Enjoying the refreshing cool fruity drinks of Lerz' while sitting relaxingly at the rooftop of Hearty Party, enjoying delicious food by JomParty, such an indulging experience!

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Music-for-soul Wonderland ~ by Sidhaizad Yusoff

Picture by Eros @fishmeatdie

Hearty meal with healthy fruity drinks, what about some beautiful sunset music to heat-up the party? Of course Mamasan Tammy would not be disappointed us for this romantic arrangement! Talented Sidhaizad Yusoff was being invited by mamasan Tammy to present his beautiful music to Butterflies. It was truly an amazing performance and some Butterflies were dancing happily and enjoying the party vibes to the fullest!

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Additional Fun Activity at the Party ~ Canvas Painting

This was the time for Butterflies to showcase their passion for arts! Guided by the beautiful babe Yana Li, Founder of Hearty Party, Butterflies were presented with 4 different artworks with fruity theme ~ Pineapple, Orange, Kiwi Fruit and Watermelon.

I chose to paint Orange, well, as per Yana orange is using the least number of colours, only needed orange, white, yellow, and a bits of red. As I know I am always take my own sweet time to do almost in anything (straight forward word to describe me is ~ SLOW, haha!), therefore without thinking that was my first choice, and also I feel orange presented striking colour with happiness in arts.

Truly brought back my arts' memory during my younger age, I always love art and wish that I have more chance to expose myself in the beautiful world of arts.

Always Hearty Wonderland In My Soul

With Butterfly Syafiera Yamin and Cindy

With Butterfly Joanne and Irene

Truly an amazing Wonderland's Journey, many thanks to Mamasan Tammy and The Butterfly Projects' Committees! Kudos to all your lovely works and efforts! I wish I will have more beautiful Butterfly's experience and memories coming soon^^

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Vits Noodle ~ Vits Turun Padang Sebagai Tanda Terima Kasih

Makanan mee telah menjadi makanan sebahagian daripada hidup Charlotte, mungkin kerana kebanyakan orang Asia suka makanan mee sebagai 'comfort food', Charlotte turut berasa sama. Terdapat banyak jenis jenama kegemaran Charlotte di Malaysia, salah satu daripadanya ialah Vit's Noodle.

Baru-baru ini Vit Makanan Kuala Lumpur telah melancarkan Program CSR: Vit's Dekat Di Hati di Pusat Transit Gelandang Jalan Pahang pada 4 Oktober 2019. Program ini adalah CSR pertama yang dianjurkan dengan objektif utama untuk mendekatkan lagi dengan masyarakat sekeliling yang memerlukan.

Pusat Transit Gelandangan Kuala Lumpur Jalan Pahang merupakan sebuah lokasi yang telah dibangunkan sebagai salah satu inisiatif kerajaan untuk membantu mereka yang memerlukan. Pusat Transt Gelandangan Kuala Lumpur dikhaskan untuk penghuni lelaki dan boleh menampung sehingga 250 penghuni pada satu masa. Pusat Transit Gelandangan ini dikelola oleh En. Baharin dan diselia oleh En. Izzul Haziq, Pengarah Zon Tengah, Yayasan Kebajikan Negara Malaysia. Pusat transit ini menyediakan tempat penginapan, kaunseling, bilik sakit, tempat untuk menyimpan barang peribadi dan unit bilik mandi.

Pembabitan Vits

Menerusi inisiatif ini, Vit's (Vit Makanan Kuala Lumpur Sdn Bhd) sebuah jenama mee segera Malaysia serta merupakan pengilang Mee Segera Halal, Mee Ramen Halal, Mee Udon Halal telah mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menghulurkan sumbangan kepada penghuni di Pusat Transit Gelandangan Kuala Lumpur dengan menyediakan makanan dan sedikit sumbangan (produk Vit's) untuk meringankan beban mereka.

Pengarah Pembangunan Perniagaan Vit's, Encik Lai Yaeh Tat telah menyampaikan sumbangan kepada setiap penghuni di sini. Walaupun sumbangan ini adalah kecil tetapi ianya diharapkan dapat memberi sinar baru kepada penghuni di sini dan agar mereka terus merasakan bahawa masih ada insan yang prihatin kepada mereka.

"Alhamdulilah dengan bantuan ini, kami harap agar dapat diteruskan agar mampu memberi semangat kepada kami dan penghuni di Pusat Transit ini," ulas En. Izzul Haziq selaku Pengarah Zon Tengah, Yayasan Kebajikan Negara Malaysia.

Inisiatif "Vit's Dekat Di Hati" merupakan tanda terima kasih Vits kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia yang telah bersama-sama menyokong produk Vit's di sepanjang 45 tahun semenjak penubuhannya. Produk Vit's yang mendapat pengiktirafan Jakim Halal semenjak 35 tahun yang lepas ini telah dipelopori oleh generasi kedua. Semenjak tahun 1975, Vit's telah banyak membantu pelbagai lapisan keluarga terutama yang mempunyai ahli keluarga yang besar dengan menyediakan sajian mee kering yang sihat, mudah disediakan and mampu milih serendah RM0.50 sekeping.

"Kami berharap agar Vit's dapat membantu lebih ramai lagi keluarga dengan menyajikan menu makanan yang berkhasiat dan dapat menerajui industri makanan Malaysia dengan lebih maju dan terus menjadi pelopor jenama mee segera di Malaysia," jelas Encik Lai Yaeh Tat.

Produk dan Perisa Baru Vit's 

Produk Baru:
Vit's Bihun Segera (Assorted)

(i) Perisa Ketam
(ii) Perisa Sayuran

(i) Cup size: 55gm ~ RM3.50
(ii) Pek size: 5 peks x 55gm ~ RM7.00

Maklumat Produk:
(i) 100% diperbuat daripada beras
(ii) Tiada bahan pengawet ditambah
(iii) Bukan goreng
(iv) Dengan Halal yang diluluskan
(v) Bebas gluten

Online store yang terdapat Vit's produk:
(i) Shopee
(ii) Lazada
(iv) Pgmall
(v) Superbuy

Offline store yang terdapat Vit's produk:
(i) Giant Hypermarket Chain
(ii) Hero Market Chain
(iii) Pasaraya CS Chain
(iv) TF Valuemart Chain
(v) Checkers

Untuk sebarang infomasi serta maklumat mengenai Vit's, sila melayari:-

Vit Makanan (Kuala Lumpur) Sdn Bhd
Lot 126, Jalan Taman Industri Integrasi Rawang 1/2
Taman Industri Integrasi Rawang
48000 Rawang

Tet: +603-6093 3999
Fax: +603-6093 3888