Friday, October 23, 2020

Trinity Kids Malaysia Launches Talk Series on Child Development and Wellbeing

From MCO, RMCO to the recent CMCO, Covid-19 second wave has creating worries and especially for parents, they are getting increasingly blurry when it comes to managing the risk of exposure on their child when deciding between various weekend activities during this RMCO and CMCO period. 

First episode of #PlanTheNextGen series comes amid a resurgence in COVID-19 cases

In view of this, Trinity Kids Malaysia hosted the first episode of a talk series centred on child development and wellbeing, titled 'Navigating COVID-19 Second Wave: What Are We Really Doing to Protect Our Children?'. Moderated by television personality Daphne Iking, the speaker line-up for the first episode of this series consisted of Daisy Ng, Founder of Trinity Kids Malaysia; Dr. Ng Yi-Ki, paediatrician at Baby & Beyond Clinic; and Wong Chui Ling, entrepreneur and television/radio host. 

"We are living in unprecedented times, and as we go through our days just trying to make sense of everything that is happening around us, it is important for us to be mindful of our children's safety and wellbeing as we embrace the new normal," said Daisy Ng, Founder of Trinity Kids Malaysia.

"What I realised was that parents had so many varied questions about keeping their children safe, well, and happy during these trying times; but they don't necessarily have the answers. That is why we started this conversation series - to bring parents together to share knowledge and experiences in areas like managing routines and adapting to our children's needs," added Daisy.

The speakers discussed ways in keeping children safe during these trying times, including daily hygiene practices for children of various age groups.

"The risk of transmission among children is at least 50 percent lower than adults. Let us not be too obsessive to the point where we scold our kids if they touch their eyes or if they do not wear their masks. What we can do as parents is to teach them to be mindful and wash their hands constantly," said Dr. Ng.

Dr. Ng also emphasised the importance of children carrying out physical activities outdoors as one of the ways to boost their immunity.

Chui Ling shared her experience managing herself at public engagements for the safety of her children, as well as managing her children who constantly want to revert to their normal routines.

"I organised a birthday party for my child a few months back. It was a smaller scale celebration, and I was very particular about who I invited to the party. But if anyone asks whether they can organise a party during this time, I would advise against it," said Chui Ling.

One of the questions that was posed to the panellists was whether it is safe time for children to go to school, especially at a time when COVID-19 cases are seeing a spike.

"It boils down to trust towards the schools that your children attend. Are they doing the right thing and taking the right measures? The government has given clear guidelines for schools to create a safe environment for children," said Daisy.

"What is important is to keep in mind that children should have an avenue to channel their energy in a healthy manner. That channel can be in your home or at school, as long as it is safe," added Daisy.

Daisy spoke about how parents who enrol their children at Trinity Kids have been very helpful in the process of placing safety measures in place - designing spray booth and installing temperature scan machines that utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate facial recognition, among others.

"We strive to manage the environment that we expose our children to at Trinity Kids through community efforts with the parents. It is only through collaboration that we can make this world a safer place for our children," said Daisy.

As part of the launch of the #PlanTheNextGen talk series, Trinity Kids is giving away a free e-book that is available for download at The e-book includes topics surrounding child development, constructing a safe school environment, and highlights an 8-step approach in combating COVID-19.

About Trinity Kids Malaysia

Trinity Kids Malaysia is a member of the Plan TNG Education Group. Trinity Kids is a trilingual, creative school for children from 0-6 years old with a focus on multilingualism, Singapore Math, a values-based education and wholesome, healthy diet. Read more about Trinity Kids Malaysia at

Some of the questions received prior to the event are:-
❓Should we send our child to school?
❓Should a baby wear a mask?
❓Can we organise a birthday party?
❓How to guard against Covid-19?
❓How do we interpret the daily Covid-19 number?

Check it out how these beautiful guests and host answered via the Facebook Live Session at:

More questions and answers can be found at the e-book on "Protecting Our Children From Covid-19", to download the e-book, click here:

Attending Facebook Live session is safe and convenient during this pandemic period

As a mother for a child, I found this talk series is really useful and comes in just the right time, especially after this Facebook Live session, the COVID-19 cases in Malaysia has been increasing sharply in 3-digit numbers daily. With the useful advices and handy resources from e-book, at least these has reduced my anxiety and worries if compared what happened during the beginning of this pandemic. I truly appreciate the great effort done by Trinity Kids Malaysia and the panellists as well as the supporting team behind this talk series awareness campaign.

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