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CLEANDS Review: CLEANDS Hygienic Mist and CLEANDS Environment Spray

With the existence of COVID-19 global health crisis, sanitizers and disinfectants have become widely use. These products are becoming most of people's essentials when they stock up for their grocery purchase. With these arising demand, there are many types and brands floating in the market. While we are getting benefits of the sanitizers and disinfectants which keep us clean and safe from virus, however, some of the products might contain alcohol and harmful chemicals that could cause adverse effects on skin and body if use excessively. 

Charlotte's beauty journal is delightful to discover CLEANDS, a brand with a motherly-nature and humble objective to give a more thorough protection to our children and our skin without the use of any harmful chemicals. Along with its tagline "Clean Hands, Use Cleands", CLEANDS products provide 24 hours protection to kill up to 99.9% germs with no harmful chemicals. CLEANDS uses Ionized Nano Zinc as the base ingredient which has zero toxicity, contains no harsh chemicals (free of alcohol, chloride, paraben and preservatives) and food grade safe. 

With the addition of calcium, magnesium, selenium and other essentially-found minerals in the human body, CLEANDS developed a formulation called Safety Alpha Ion that creates a special invisible protective layer on our skin that kills 99.9% virus, bacteria and fungi through dehydration rather than poisoning, thus inhibiting the growth of these super germs.

The two essential products currently offered by CLEANDS are CLEANDS Hygiene Mist and CLEANDS Environment Spray.

CLEANDS Hygienic Mist, 100ml, Price: RM45.90

CLEANDS Hygienic Mist is a multi-purpose sterilizing that can be used on face, from head to toe, before wearing mask and on the skin problems areas or wounds. It contains purified water and Safety Alpha Ion that kills 99.9% germs and is easily absorbed into our skin within a few seconds, giving our hands 24 hours germs-free protection of which the effect will not wear off after rinsing or hand washing. This feature is significantly different from other 75% alcohol sanitizer product in current market.

CLEANDS Hygienic Mist is alcohol free, chloride free, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Therefore, it is safe to be used on human, food and pets. My sensitive skin usually will feel dryness and itchiness in an air-conditioned room, while going outside under the hot and humid weather, my sensitive skin will feel redness and itchiness. After I spray the CLEANDS Hygienic Mist on my face and body, the irritated areas will gradually reduce and I do not feel the skin irritation anymore.

I like its natural mint scent that helps to soothe and calm my irritated skin and at the same time works as sanitizer to protect my skin up to 24 hours.

CLEANDS Hygienic Mist also can be used directly for hand sterilization, health protection for babies and kids, clothes sterilization and general sterilization.   

CLEANDS Hygienic Mist Key Features:
🌿 Eliminate 99.9% of germs yet gentle on all skin type
🌿 No dry and irritated skin
🌿 Long lasting anti-microbial effect
🌿 No alcohol and chlorine
🌿 Speeds up wound healing
🌿 Lasts up to 24 hours on surfaces
🌿 Ingredients that are safe for humans and pets
🌿 Environment friendly

CLEANDS Environment Spray, 500ml, Price: RM69.90

CLEANDS Environment Spray can be used and sprayed in indoor and outdoor surroundings, practically it can be sprayed anywhere to disinfect and freshen the air. Formulated with Safety Alpha Ion that kills 99.9% germs with protection up to 24 hours.

During this pandemic time, online shopping and online food ordering have become my most frequent buying mode. Therefore, receiving delivery parcels and food have become most of my daily activity and I use CLEANDS Environment Spray to keep myself safe from germs attached on those parcels and food delivery bag / packaging box. 

Besides that, I use CLEANDS Environment Spray to spray on my home areas, office areas and even in my car to get these areas sanitized and free from germs and bacteria with 24 hours protection.

CLEANDS Environment Spray is food grade safe and I use it to spray on fruits and vegetables before putting into the fridge, as well as to spray on the utensils when dining out before eating the food, to spray on beds and fabrics to avoid odour, on the aircon and air purifier filter. CLEANDS Environment Spray is such a multi-purpose sanitizer and environmental friendly.

CLEANDS Environment Spray is suitable for areas that are requiring frequent disinfection such as:
🌿 Kids' area and toys
🌿 Car interior
🌿 Personal belongings
🌿 Household and office
🌿 Gym and yoga equipment
🌿 Utensils 
🌿 Pets

CLEANDS Hygienic Mist and CLEANDS Environment Spray can be purchased on 

More information on CLEANDS:

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