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Jungle House "All Things Honey" First Honey Lifestyle Store at Bangsar, Malaysia

My childhood's dream on honey wonderland is now fulfilled in Jungle House ~ the first honey lifestyle store with café concept located at Bangsar, Jalan Telawi 3, Kuala Lumpur. It also marks the introduction of their 9th outlet in Malaysia. The new café allows many busy Malaysians to stop by for a quick bite and sip of their favourite honey cakes and beverages in a cosy therapeutic environment.

Jungle House Honey Lifestyle Store at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Touted the first honey specialty store in Malaysia, Jungle House stands unique with the tagline "All Things Honey" ~ advocating appreciation for honey and cultivating a honey culture for health-conscious Malaysians.

Delicious honey treats at Jungle House Bangsar Café.

Enjoy a quick bite on those delicious croissant and sausage puff.

The quaint-looking Bangsar outlet is a quintessential lifestyle haven with an alfresco and in-door setting where we can leisurely enjoy a wide repertoire of honey-inspired food and beverage items including:-

🌟 Honey Breakfast Oats
🌟 Russian Honey Cakes
🌟 Croffles (croissant & waffle)
🌟 Honeymisu
🌟 Honey Coffee, Tea & Juices

Honey-inspired food and beverage at Jungle House Bangsar Café.

Honey products and gift sets for your loved ones.

Honey-lovers can also shop from Jungle House's retail which offers a repertoire of honey products, beverage, honeycombs to various thematic and beautifully crafted gift sets, personal care items such as honey soap series, face masks and other merchandises to boot.

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Honey With Sunshine Gift Set ~ Packed with 3 mini honey, mini antioxidant Bee Beautea and Handcrafted Royal White Honey Soap.  

Russian Honey Cake Premium Gift Box (10 Serves)
with choices of Original Flavour and Chocolate Flavour.

Check out more beautiful gift sets in Jungle House outlets
or purchase online at:

Currently Jungle House outlets are available in One Utama Shopping Centre, Mid Valley Mega Mall, Pavilion Elite, Central I-City, D Pulses, IOI City Mall and Queensway Mall. These outlets come with only the retail section.

Honeymisu is the latest product range introduced by Jungle House
~ a healthier and just as delicious dessert.

Russian Honey Cake with four delicious flavours.

Croffles ~ Croissant & Waffle.

According to Chief Executive Officer Paul Poh, Jungle House aims to bring raw unadulterated honey from hive to home, working with the indigenous communities mainly from the wild jungles of Indonesia and some from Thailand and Malaysia. Jungle House believes in improving and sustaining the bee industry, protecting the world by teaching the right beekeeping methods to save the ecosystem through bee population protection.

Jungle House offers more than 10 types of natural honey flavours.

Jungle House has more than 10 types of natural flavours ~ mono-floral, raw, pure, natural honey without any addition of artificial flavouring such as Royal Black (nectar extracted from Mahoni tree), Royal White (Kiawe flower nectar), Jungle's Heart (Strawberry flower nectar), Yellow Love (Linden flower nectar), Sweettooth (mango flower nectar), Jungle's Eye (longan flower nectar), Pink Lady (cotton flower nectar), Roast Cube (coffee flower nectar), Citrus Bloom (orange flower nectar) and Fruit Boss (durian flower nectar).

Honey ~ an ancient superfood to boost our health and well-being. 

The story of how Jungle House started is as interesting and sweet as the honey it carries. What began as an adventurous trek into the deep jungles of Garut in West Java, Indonesia many years ago has ignited Paul and Ashley's passion for honey as they chanced upon a company of indigenous bee hunters who offered them a taste of fresh, jungle honey. The honey was pure, organic, unadulterated, raw honey, flavoured only by the flowers that the honeybees visit for nectar and pollen, unlike the honey they have tasted previously.

Chief Business Officer Ashley Lam was presenting Jungle House's story during the event.

Chief Business Officer Ashley Lam explained, "Besides bringing this healthy, delicious honey to urban cities and the rest of the world, Paul and I were touched by these kind and generous bee hunters, seeing their challenges, difficulties and dangers of the job that brings little income, yet still committed to their craft. We want to help these hardworking bee hunters to make a proper living while harvesting honey responsibly," said Ashley.

Ms Indra Balaratnam, Consultant Dietitian, was sharing honey recipes by using Jungle House Honey.

During the event, consultant dietitian, Ms Indra Balaratnam hsared about the nutrition and benefits on honey as it is known as one of the superfoods which help boost the body's immunity. 

Two honey recipes shared by Indra: Jungle House Overnight Oats (left)
Quinoa Chicken Salad With Jungle House Royal Black Balsamic Vinaigrette (right)

Indra also demonstrated two honey recipes ~ Quinoa Chicken Salad With Jungle House Royal Black Balsamic Vinaigrette and Jungle House Overnight Oats. She said honey is highly versatile and can be incorporated into many recipes to enhance the taste or use as a key ingredient. 

For more information on Jungle House First Honey Lifestyle Store in Malaysia or order your honey products online, please visit:-

Contact Number: +6012 203 0317

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