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51Talk Malaysia ~ 1on1 Online English Learning Platform

As a parent, I used to search enrichment classes for my kid with the aim of stimulating his powerful learning capability during his golden age. For me, one of the must-learn subjects is English, simply because English is a global language and it is widely used in our daily lives as well as in social media. Back then, there was less option to search for native English speaking teacher.  

Recently, I have been introduced to a globalised online kids English education platform ~ 51Talk, that adopts the 1-on-1 online teaching mode by native English speaking teachers, offering service to young users aged 3 to 15 around the world.

With corporate mission 'To empower everyone to talk to the world', this publicly-listed company on New York Stock Exchange has more than 30,000 highly qualified foreign teachers from United States of America, Canada, Philippines and other countries. 

With their counterpart in Malaysia, 51Talk Malaysia offers exclusive online English learning platform in Malaysia that covers children-listening-speaking-reading-writing-exams. In addition, 51Talk Malaysia gained the Top Three English Learning Platform in Malaysia.

51Talk Learning Philosophy 

Systematic Learning
51Talk exclusive own-developed English curriculum system

Pure Foreign Teacher 1v1 Teaching ~ Duration for each class is 25 minutes, with high-frequency and multi-speaking communication, this has creates a pure English learning environment for students to learn English like a native language.

High Frequency Practice
Two-pronged approach before and after class, focusing on the mastery of classroom knowledge

Preview 10 Minutes Before Class ~ Provides listening, reading, preview and grammar explanation of vocabulary, phrases and example sentences. Children can also have conversations with reading lessons, correct pronunciation, and prepare for class.

Review 10 minutes After Class ~ After-school quizzes help children consolidate what they have learned in class and monitor the learning effect in real time.

Period Test
Students' progress can be grasped at any time

Unit Test ~ After each unit is completed, there will be a test question for the content of the unit to help students clearly understand the learning situation.

Level Test ~ In line with international language and test standards, English learning levels are formulated. After completing a level of courses, students can take a level test.

Diversify Coaching
Establish an English learning path from multiple perspectives

Theme Courses ~ There are a variety of high-quality themed courses with rich categories and complete varieties. Students can log in to the class anytime and anywhere using mobile phone, and it is fully covered from Monday to Sunday.

Growth Training Class ~ Taught by senior middle school students with aims to cultivate children's artistic and physical ability, appreciation ability, expression ability, reading ability, thinking ability and learning ability, as well as to help the cultivation of parent-child relationship and parental growth.

Why Choose 51Talk? 

1. 1v1 Online Tutoring
Experienced foreign teachers provide children with an "immersive" English learning environment, enables children to obtain sufficient opportunities to speak and to think in English. 

Each student is paired with a professional teacher and full attention has been given to student thus creating a pure English learning environment for student.

2. Global Preferred 5A Good Foreign Teachers
5A refers to Able, Accredited, Approachable, Articulate and Accommodating.

After strict screening and training, 51Talk has selected over 30,000 5A highly qualified foreign teachers who "love children and understand education" as online English tutors from United States of America, Canada, Philippines and other countries. Students can book classes anytime from 6am to 11.30pm daily.

3. Classic English Curriculum System 
This English course system is developed by 51Talk based on CEFR (Common European Language Reference Standard) for overseas youth majors, which is in line with international examinations such as Cambridge Children's English and Cambridge General English, providing clear and measurable growth for each student's English learning progress plan.

4. Fun Classroom Interaction
51Talk's class platform provides rich and interesting interactive forms and instant reward feedback for the classroom, which is the most effective way to learn English nowadays.

5. Build Interest In Learning
Language learning requires a lot of speaking practice. Through high-frequency learning with lively and interesting English lessons, students have more opportunities to interact with foreign teachers and be more attentive in their learning. 

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How To Attend 51Talk Online English Class?

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