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ABX Express Rebrands to KEX Express in Malaysia

At the Rebranding Ceremony from ABX Express to KEX Express, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The growing trend and rise in online shopping and online business have made the role of courier service providers even more significant in order to streamline the online shopping experience for users across the world. 

ABX Express, the courier service provider which has operated for 38 years in Malaysia, announced its rebranding exercise on 26 October 2022 at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The rebranding saw the company evolve to be known as KEX Express in Malaysia, while providing a robust set of international destination options to customers, on top of its existing domestic routes.

Second from left: Alex Ng, Chief Executive Officer, Kerry Express
Second from right: Richard Lui, Senior General Manager, KEX Express
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Incorporated in year 1984 in East Malaysia, ABX Express is a homegrown brand that specialises in last mile delivery within the domestic express market. In 2015, the company became part of Kerry Logistics Network (KLN), the largest Asia-based international logistics company listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Middle: Alex Ng, Chief Executive Officer, Kerry Express,
during the Q&A Session

"This rebranding exercise is an important milestone for us, as it is a culmination of the part we play under the banner of Kerry Logistics Network (KLN), as well as its strategic investment and cooperation with SF Group last year. This combination gives KEX Express immediate access to KLN's extensive global network and a full-fledged international express set of offerings with particular strength to China and Intra-Asia," said Richard Lui, Senior General Manager, KEX Express Malaysia.

Richard Lui, Senior General Manager, KEX Express,
giving his speech during the rebranding ceremony

KEX Express now offers international express delivery services to more than 225 countries from Malaysia, immediately available to existing credit account holders as well as walk-in customers at any KEX Express retail branch nationwide.

"Combining the experience we have garnered from serving Malaysians since 1984, with the wide network of the KLN Group, we at KEX Express aim to be the trusted logistics partner to all Malaysians, providing hassle-free and seamless express delivery services for all businesses, as well as for personal delivery needs to both local and international destinations," added Lui.

Official Rebranding Ceremony
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KEX Express boasts over 700 service touchpoints nationwide, with over 3,000 employees serving the express delivery needs of Malaysians. At present, KEX Express has one of the widest coverage network in East Malaysia within the express delivery industry.

"As a company that constantly listens to our customers, KEX Express subscribes to a culture of openness to evolve and to innovate. This means that we would have to have our finger on the pulse of the needs of our customers at all times as we strive to embrace consistent operational excellence and efficiency in everything we do when serving our customers," said Lui.

KEX Express motorbike with new logo

Service consistency at KEX Express is highly correlated with asset investment in the company. According to Lui, the company has invested heavily into hub automations, IT infrastructure, and team expansions in the last five years.

"At the moment, we provide customisation of services to our key customers. This is in line with our aim to consistently work with our customers as they grow their businesses. Moving forward, we at KEX Express will continue to identify, implement, and scale innovative ideas that meet customers' changing needs and preferences," added Lui.

KEX Express trucks with new logo

According to Lui, KEX Express will focus on these 3 areas as part of its commitment to serve Malaysians better through its domestic express delivery services:-

✔ Digital Cash on Delivery (COD) and Digital Freight on Delivery (FOD)
  • KEX Express is the first to introduce these cashless options within the local express delivery space.
  • Digital COD enables the receiver of any parcel to make payment for the product using a cashless payment upon arrival of the parcel.
  • Digital FOD, on the other hand, enables the receiver of any parcel to make payment for their shipping fee using a cashless payment upon arrival of the parcel.
  • There is no minimum parcel quantity requirement for customers to choose this payment option. All walk-in customers are welcome to use this offering at their nearest KEX Express store.

✔ Seller Centre
  • The Seller Centre is an all-in-one shipping platform dedicated to sellers.
  • It integrates KEX Express' online shipping portal (Smartship Web) and customer service support to selected KEX Express account holders on matters related to their shipping needs, for example: booking, parcel collection, label printing, shipment track and trace, and billing enquiries, and others.
  • This enables a more seamless O2O (Online to Offline) experience for KEX Express clients.

✔ Route Optimisation
  • KEX Express is in the process of optimising its fleet delivery routing system using algorithms and big data.
  • Best delivery routes are calculated according to travel distance and traffic conditions using cloud technologies.
  • This streamlines the route-planning process, while providing more efficient and timely deliveries to KEX Express customers.
The rebranding exercise sees ABX Express evolve to KEX Express, with this new logo used in all materials - including KEX Express storefronts nationwide as well as on more than 2,500 trucks operating daily across the country.

Fast Facts: Snapshot of KEX Express Malaysia

I had the opportunity to attend the Rebranding Ceremony from ABX Express to KEX Express at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Besides getting to learn the amazing journey and milestones of ABX Express since it started operations in Malaysia in year 1984, and now with the rebranding exercise with access to KLN's extensive global network and a full-fledged international set of offerings, I had the chance to witness the new KEX Express motorbikes and trucks which were displayed at the ceremony, all loaded up with bright new logo. Guests at the ceremony were also sending their wishes by writing warm messages on sticky notes attached on KEX Express boxes. 

The friendly and passionate employees from KEX Express were helping to take Polaroid photographs for guests to pose with those cool KEX Express motorbikes. My Polaroid photograph was then attached in a journal book given by KEX Express as one of the doorgifts received. 

Guests received these lovely KEX Express doorgifts

In conjunction with the rebranding, KEX Express is offering promotional rates to many popular domestic and international destinations. For more information, please visit 👉

  1. Customers must send parcels within the rebranding campaign period : 1 November 2022 - 31 December 2022.
  2. Promotion available in all KEX Express Parcel Shops.
  3. RM4.99 for documents and XS size from West to West for new customer.
  4. RM4.99 for documents and XS size within Sabah for new customers.
  5. RM4.99 for documents and XS size within Sarawak for new customers.
  6. RM12.00 for XS size from West Malaysia to East Malaysia for new and existing customer.
  7. KEX Express reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Thank you Dominic Chen for your lovely invitation to attend the ceremony 

With one of the friendly KEX Express employees who is very kind to be the model with me (I feel sorry for my forgetful to ask his name..) 

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