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NH Colla Plus 3 Brand Ambassador Janna Nick Meets Fan @ IOI City Mall Putrajaya

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Let's welcome to the multi-talented artist Janna Nick, who is now the new face of NH Colla Plus 3. Watsons Elite members had the opportunity to attend an exclusive Meet & Greet Session with Janna held on 3 November 2018 at IOI City Mall Putrajaya. This was her first appearance as the beauty drink brand ambassador.

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The session began with Janna's sharing about her experience of consuming NH Colla Plus 3. As mentioned by Janna, her skin becomes more firmer, smoother and glowing despite frequently filming under the hot sun. As the brand ambassador, Janna is excited on representing a beauty drink that offers new possibilities through its advanced formulation. She is happy that this drink is widely available in Watsons stores nationwide.

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With many beauty drinks and collagen products are booming in the market like mushrooms, NH Colla Plus 3 beauty drink is a step ahead of regular collagen drinks in the market, as it leverages on the power of yeast ceramide and olive extract to give us glowing skin within the first pack. Research shown that yeast ceramide and olive extract are two powerful ingredients that provide healthier looking skin when consumed frequently.

The Wonders of Yeast Ceramide

Yeast ceramide is a component of edible yeast's cell membrane which aids in restoring the loss of ceramides in our skin. Such ingredient is essential in supporting skin structure as it helps to rebuild and retain its moisture, inhibit melanin production and lighten skin pigmentation.

What is Ceramide?

Ceramide is lipid molecules found abundantly in the outermost skin layer. They hold skin cells together, protect against moisture loss and act as a barrier against bacteria and environmental pollutants.

Friendly sweet pretty Janna was surrounded by her fans 
during the exclusive photography session.

The Wonders of Olive Extract

Olive extract contains hydroxytyrosol, which is a potent antioxidant that can lighten dark spots. While activate glutathione antioxidant supports the brightening of our skin.

Remarkable Results

When these two ingredients combined, they form a powerful concoction to deliver a smoother, supple skin. NH Colla Plus 3 also contains marine collagen as a supporting ingredient to help achieve youthful looking skin. With all these ingredients packed in a tiny bottle, NH Colla Plus 3 delivers an assurance to provide fair, supple and blemish-free skin with minimal time and effort.

Sweet Janna always greet and talk to her fans with sunshine smile.

As a testament to the quality, Janna is amazed by its fast and noticeable results after consuming NH Colla Plus 3. She revealed that her skin is getting smoother, softer and more moisturised within 3 days of consumption. "I am a huge fan of NH Colla Plus 3 now. This beauty drink is a must-try." said by Janna during her sharing of the product.

Delicious afternoon refreshment at Sepiring Uniquely Malaysia Restaurant at IOI City Mall.

Sweet Janna sportingly having fun pose with Rawlins Glam

Awesomely fun!

Suitable for All

NH Colla Plus 3 is suitable for both men and women with age 18 and above, and for all skin types.

Recommended Way of Consumption:

Day 1 to 6: Consume one bottle daily on an empty stomach in the morning or before bedtime.
Day 7 and onwards: Consume one bottle every alternate day.

The Beautiful of New Skin Era is Here

NH Colla Plus 3 is made from 100% all-natural ingredients and devoid of any preservatives, synthetic flavoring, coloring and chemical additives.

Give your skin the best ingredients of the 21st century and usher in a brand new skin era with NH Colla Plus 3.

NH Colla Plus 3 is priced at RM86.80 /box (50ml x 12 bottles), available exclusively at all Watsons outlets nationwide.

Feeling blessed to have photograph session with pretty Janna!

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