Saturday, December 1, 2018

Crè Arts Asia Gala Night ~ Malaysia's Own Modern Circus Extravaganza

Many thanks to drLife Resources and Racheal Loh, I have the lovely opportunity to witness the spectacular performance by Crè Arts Asia Gala Night at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC).

This was indeed an eye-opening experience for me, not only because Crè Arts Asia is one of Asia's largest circus troupes, Crè Arts Asia is a proudly Malaysia's owned modern circus troupe and all the talented performers are Malaysian, and also what I love the most is Crè Arts Asia strictly enforced on no animals used in their circus troupe.

About Crè Arts Asia
Crè Arts Asia is a collaboration between two Malaysian performing arts studios, namely Viva Circus ~ an award-winning physical arts theatre company; and Psycusix ~ Malaysia's leading modern and contemporary circus performing arts group.

The People behind Crè Arts Asia
Chris Lo, Production & Event Director
Yiki Chan, Show Producer & Marketing Manager
Nana Liew, Creative Director & Dance Choreographer
Aifique Khaikal, Creative Director & Flow Arts Choreographer
Samantha Yee, Aerial & Pole Act Choreographer

The Performance ~ Air, Water, Earth and Fire
Combining aerial and flow dance, visual arts and gravity-defying stunts, the show takes us on a magical, mystical journey to encounter creatures and beings of a planet far, far away, where imagination brings to life a fantasy world thriving on the four elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

Introduction speech by the ever cool Vee, Founder of Viva Vertical (Malaysia), 
Viva Circus (Malaysia), Aerial Arts Academy (Hong Kong), Trybe (Hong Kong)

Vee with Aifique Khaikal and Chris Lo

I really wish to apologize for my so-not-very-good quality of pictures here, however I still wish to share them because all the talented performers did an amazing and spectacular performance during the Gala Night! Kudos to all of their superb skills and fantastic performance!

Opening scene with elegance Aerial Spiral by Samantha Miko Yee

Aerial Rainbow performance

Here comes one of my favourite Disney's cartoon character Little Mermaid in Aerial Net!

I'm very sorry for my all these blur pictures, but I just love the Little Mermaid very much, 
so I tend to post many of their pictures, though it's blur..

The amazing giant bubbles with amazing shapes! With Jellyfish dancing around too!

With colourful lightings, these giant bubbles were blowing beautifully

Here comes the funny crazy pirates!

Superb skillful acts which put my heart beats jumped like crazy!

We have a surprise little guest appearance! Very cute 'baby pirate' who is only 4 years old 
did some cute performance with these funny pirates!

The scene of 'Earth' element

The mystical Spirit Tree

Beautiful yet breathtaking performance!

The scene of 'Fire' element 

Beautiful cool lady with her super high heels adding my heart beats jumping 
watching her stunning skill and performance!

Fire dancing around and I could feel the warm heat from my seat! 

Stunning fire sparks the excitement all over the guests! 

Kudos and well done Crè Arts Asia!

Such a breathtaking show with spellbinding acts that defy gravity, simply a feast for the eyes on the lights, fire and pyrotechnic wonder of Crè Arts Asia!

Thanks so much Racheal for having me here 💕

Before the Gala Night show, there was a delicious buffet dinner 
served with yummy finger foods and drinks 

First time trying this Appletiser Sparkling Juice, and I love its sweetness taste!

Life Buuk Photobook with beautiful photos taken by professional photographer 
There were also merchandises on sale during the show, and one of the merchandises is Life Buuk, which is a photobook showcased beautiful artistic photos taken by professional photographer. As part of doing good deeds to the society, Crè Arts Asia will be donating part of the proceeds from Life Buuk sales to Leukaemia Research Association in Australia. Such a talented organization with kind-hearted soul.

Here are some of the beautiful photos inside the Life Buuk Photobook:-

The historical architecture of The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

For more information on Crè Arts Asia please visit their website and social media links as below:


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