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Naturals by Watsons Skin Care ~ Bring Nature Closer

Mother Nature brings magical healing for our body, mind and soul. In view of the growing consciousness and selectiveness of eco-friendly earthy ingredients, Watsons Malaysia has stepped up to introduce an exclusive addition of Naturals by Watsons skin care formulated with certified organic ingredients.

With an inspiration on skin benefits from within, Naturals by Watsons featured a line-up of environmental-friendly essentials which focuses on two powerful natural ingredients for each range, namely Rice Bran & Soy Bean; Tea Tree & Green Tea.

The new addition of Naturals by Watsons Product Launch was held at Space Seven, Setia Alam on 3rd December 2018. Present at the event, Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia shared, "Watsons is proud to infuse eco-friendly ingredients such as rice bran, soy bean, green tea and tea tree into plant-centric skin care products. Through harnessing the power of plant, Naturals by Watsons Skin Care brings the closest Nature benefits to everyone using certified organic farming methods."

Caryn Loh (second from left), Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia
Danny Hoh (third from left), Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia
are joined by Jennifer Jung, special guest from Korea (second from right)
and Malaysian social influencers, Kelly Chin and Santhawan

Picture by courtesy of Watsons Malaysia

With quality living lifestyle is constantly improving, the notion of beauty beyond skin deep is challenged when our skin absorbs more complex and synthetic chemicals for head-to-toe care routine. In the face of growing awareness and preference on the quality and ingredient-focused products, Naturals by Watsons continues to capture more back-to-basic products by developing skin nourishing properties with the latest beauty innovation.

The beautiful special guest from Korea, Jennifer Jung, 
demonstrated the usage of the latest range of Naturals by Watsons Skin Care

Picture by courtesy of Watsons Malaysia

The new addition of Naturals by Watsons Skin Care consists of two matchless variants cater for different skin types.

Rice Bran & Soy Bean range for brightening function

Rice Bran & Soy Bean

An ancient beauty secret originated from Japan, rice bran illuminates the skin from within while soy bean known for its rich nutrients, helps to achieve youthful and radiant looking skin all day. This range combines the two powerful nature ingredients of rice bran and soy bean that delivered a healthy and luminous complexion.

The range is available in five types of skin care products:-

๐ŸŒฟ Rice Bran & Soy Bean Illuminating Cleansing Foam 130ml ~ RM39.90
๐ŸŒฟ Rice Bran & Soy Bean Illuminating Cleansing Scrub 100ml ~ RM39.90
๐ŸŒฟ Rice Bran & Soy Bean Illuminating Essence Lotion (Toner) 150ml ~ RM45.90
๐ŸŒฟ Rice Bran & Soy Bean Illuminating Daily Cream 50g ~ RM49.90
๐ŸŒฟ Rice Bran & Soy Bean Illuminating Suncare Lotion SPF25PA++ 50ml ~ RM45.90

Tea Tree & Green Tea range for oil control function

Tea Tree & Green Tea

Tea tree is renowned for its powerful purifying properties. Formulated for oil-control solutions, these two powerful nature ingredients of tea tree and green tea, well-known for their beauty benefits, purifies the skin, leaving it refreshed and oil-free, delivered smoother and clearer skin complexion without robbing skin of moisture.

This range is available in three types of skin care products:-

๐ŸŒฟ Tea Tree & Green Tea Mattifying Cleansing Gel 150ml ~ RM39.90
๐ŸŒฟ Tea Tree & Green Tea Mattifying Toner 150ml ~ RM45.90
๐ŸŒฟ Tea Tree & Green Tea Mattifying Lotion 50ml ~ RM49.90

(From left) Kelly Chin, Fathie Ali and Santhawan, Malaysia's social influencers, 
shared their reviews during the Chit Chat Session

Picture by courtesy of Watsons Malaysia

Formulated with finest natural ingredients from nature's essential goodness for head-to-toe beautifying luxury, Naturals by Watsons extends up to 10 unique yet nourishing-ingredient based essentials, such as Chia Seed, Quinoa, Coffee, Paw Paw, Aloe Vera, Argan, Blood Orange, Marula, Olive and Prestige Rose. Each ingredient is available in the mix of body care and hair care range.

Guests were to select 3 desert plants for their Personalised Terrarium Workshop
These desert plants are just too lovely!

During the launching event, there was a Personalised Terrarium Workshop which was a very fun-lovely learning on DIY planting the little cute desert plants. Besides looking so cute and beautiful, these desert plants are generally needed not much care and not much watering too, making them a popular choice of decorative plant as they are really easy to take care of.

Desert plants' drought-tolerant capabilities with exquisite features which makes them adaptable to the extremely harsh dry conditions, they are part of the mother nature's miracle, which reflects on Naturals by Watsons is constantly embarking on discovery of magical-eco-friendly ingredients from the beautiful mother nature to bring out its finest skin care range.

These three little cute desert plants were choosen by me ๐Ÿ’•

DIY Terrarium Workshop in the progress!

Sugohaesseoyo ~ me and my little partner's final work, our very first own DIY terrarium! 
Well, mine was with the help of a beautiful kind lady who walked around to assist someone who was not good at handling plants like me haha~~

My own personalised terrarium ๐Ÿ’•

Delicious refreshment corner

Lovely delicious dessert and the yummy chicken pie

With beautiful friendly Korean special guest Jennifer Jung, 
I wish to have her beautiful smooth glowing face complexion!

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  1. hello. tried your skincare product (face) , it turned up well because i faced skin irritation and red acnes on my skin after using old face products for a long period of time. Then, i was too miserable after consuming many face products but all ended up being worst. Days back, when i approach watson (nearby store), the skin consultant recommended me on this . Truly so grateful as i tried their toner and moisturizer first not the face wash yet because i was experimenting my skin. I really hope your products will really give me a best quality on my face. Tq again.