Thursday, July 25, 2019

Chewies x Watsons "I Have A Big Dream" ~ Turn Our Kid's Dream To Reality!

When I was young (far away way-back time haha), I used to dream of I want to become so many things, and during my olden time, there was no such thing as website searching or social media stuff. Nowadays there are so many opportunities exist with the advance information technology, such as kids get to expose different sort of careers via internet, opinion and thoughts sharing via social media sites, therefore kids nowadays are blessed with loaded information which makes them more aware of what they really like about doing.

Renowned companies well awared of this new millenium trend and involved actively in capturing children's market. Like recently the well established AJ Research & Pharma Sdn Bhd (AJRP) has launched a children's competition with Watsons Malaysia as Chewies Annual Corporate Social Responsibility campaign for 2019 to help children to fulfill their dream.

Chief Executive Office from AJ Research & Pharma was giving speech during the launch day

Dream makes a child becomes alive and exciting. As such children needs to be strong and healthy mentally and physically in order to dream big. A healthy body makes a happy child. It is vital to boost our child's immune system, ensuring that they are able to fight for their dreams without needing to worry about their health.

MC of the launch day, Mr Kyle

In this CSR campaign, every child deserves to dream regardless who and where they are from. Children needs to draw or write their dream for participation. This participation does not require any purchase. Chewies will donate RM1 to every unit Chewies sold during this campaign period. This donation will go to the top winner's school. With this, Chewies wants to motivate more children to submit their dream so that they can contribute to their school too.

Details of the Competition

Two Categories:

1. Drawing Category ~ Age 4 to 6 years old
2. Essay Category ~ Age 7 to 12 years old (any language; with a limit of 100 words)

Kids showcasing their dream during the launch event at GSC Gold Class Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Rules and Regulation of Competition
  1. All entries must be submitted via photograph to: 
  2. Judging will be based on several factors: Quality of photo submitted for clearer clarity, Creativity and Originality, and Relevancy based on theme.
  3. All entries must be submitted latest by 11:59pm, 2nd September 2019.
  4. Prizes:
  • Top Winners: 3 winners' dream will be fulfilled and 3 x RM150 Chewies Hamper for both age category
  • Consolation Prizes: 5 x RM150 Chewies Hamper for both age category
  • Additionally all winners that are Watsons members will get 1,000 Watsons points credited into their parents' account

Step 1
Draw / write an essay based on the topic "I Have a Big Dream"
Age 4-6 : Drawing
Age 7-12 : Essay

Step 2
Take a picture of the completed drawing / essay

Step 3
Email to:

*No purchase is required to participate
*Terms and conditions applies

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