Monday, August 5, 2019

Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar ~ Resepi Warisan TOK SISIK In Klang

Charlotte's Makan Journey this time takes me to Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar, one of the must-visit restaurants for someone who love super-spicy seafood, and love to pick by themselves from a variety selection of fresh seafood, such as crab, prawn, squid, mussel, clam, lala and an assortment of ocean fresh fish.

Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar is located just opposite of GM Klang Wholesale City. This Malay restaurant can be easily recognized with its huge bright signboard at a corner shop, along Jalan Kasuarina 1/ks7, Bandar botanic, Klang.

Serving the authentic Melaka-style cuisine with fresh premium quality and delicious seafood dishes, Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar has getting a lot of attention from seafood lovers. With its advantage of located nearby Port Klang, Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar is able to get their daily supply of the freshest locally caught seafood, such as crab, prawn, mussel and clam directly from Port Klang.

With the freshest seafood display at the restaurant, diners can take their pick from the variety of seafood selection, and also can choose from different cooking style to suit their eating preference. Cooking style choices available including Bakar Berempah, Bakar Tempoyak, Stim Hijau and 3 rasa.

Besides the fresh juicy seafood, the restaurant also displays a wide variety of fresh green vegetables available for diners' selection. Fresh healthy green vegetables are just perfect to balance up a succulent spicy seafood meal.

Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar serves an exciting and flavourful of scrumptious grilled dishes. With their dishes which emphasize on 'Hot & Spicy & Flavourful' that makes diners absolutely craving and coming back for more! Some of the jaw-dropping dishes were presented as the following.

Ikan Siakap Stim Hijau

Sotong Bakar Madu

Seafood Tomyam with Crabmeats, Prawns and Squids

Melaka-style Asam Pedas Ikan Siakap

Asam Pedas Ikan Kembung

Ikan Bawal Bakar Masak Masam Manis

Pepahat Masak Berlada

Mussel ~ Kupang Masak Cili Berlada

Lala Masak 3 Rasa

Kangkung Goreng Belacan

Kailan Cili

Sayur Campur ~ Mixed Vegetables

Another inhouse specialty is Nasi Lemak Buluh Perindu, whereby the fragrance rice is wrapped with banana leaf and steamed inside the bamboo stick, with a very appetizing smell of the rice to kick-start the spicy dishes challenge!

Nasi Lemak Buluh Perindu

Alright, I must admit that I just could not resist to savour my all-time favourite prawn at almost everywhere, and Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar has this delicious Udang Goreng Berempah ~ fried prawn with its inhouse specialty spice that made me felt super satisfied with my makan journey!

Udang Goreng Berempah

Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar also serves flavourful Steamboat, been tried the Steamboat soup which is like a mixture taste of Tomyam and Asam Pedas, super spicy hot and interesting! This is perfect for a family and friends' catch-up for spicy-hot chats.

The serving meal schedule for Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar is as below:-

8:00am to 4:00pm : Nasi berlauk masakan Melayu
4:00pm to 11:00pm : Masakan panas seafood
5:00pm to 11:00pm : Steamboat dan hidangan bakar seafood

So come and challenge your taste buds with Melaka-style hot spicy dishes at Restoran Sisik Ikan Bakar!

Address: No. 32 Jalan Kasuarina 1/KS7
Bandar Botanic
41200 Klang

Tel Number: +603 3318 4135