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Fernleaf CalciYum Cultured Milk Drink and Yogurt ~ Healthier Choices for Kids

Charlotte's parenting journal is entering a whole new year and realized that my kid is growing up so fast, he is getting taller and at the same time getting more active in exercise and sports. As a mother, I always search for healthy delicious food and snack which can provide the needed nutrition value to my kid. Why snack? Because snack is every kid's all-time favourite! It is a treat to my kid for his good effort in maintaining healthy exercise while playing his favourite sport activity.

With the current pandemic period, my kid is spending more time at home now. Therefore, I have to stock up some snacks for in between meal times. When I opt for healthier snacks' selection, I always thought of cultured milk drinks like Fernleaf CalciYum, which has probiotic DR20. Probiotics support healthy digestive system and keep the body resistance strong, which is especially needed in this pandemic period. In addition, Fernleaf CalciYum is high in calcium, enriched with Vitamin D, these are good sources for my growing kid.

Another healthier snack choice which is also my kid's favourite, is CalciYum yogurt as it is good for digestion. My kid loves CalciYum yogurt for its many different fruity variants. Recently I have learned to use CalciYum yogurt to make ice-cream. This is very easy, just add an ice-cream stick onto the cup and put it in the freezer. Here we go, a fun and healthier version of ice-cream that kids would definitely love to enjoy!

There is a 'Healthier Choice' logo from Ministry of Health on the packaging label of CalciYum cultured milk drink and yogurt for its low sugar content. This is another plus point to consider when picking up snacks for our kids.

Since my kid loves Fernleaf CalciYum, let me further explore more information on these two goodness.

About Fernleaf CalciYum Cultured Milk Drink
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My kid loves this refreshing cultured milk drink especially after his sweaty exercise. It is also perfect for as part of a good breakfast besides having it as a snack. Fernleaf CalciYum is packed with nutrients to support child's health from the inside out.

🌿 What is the Nutrition Benefits?
✔ Probio DR20™ ~ Fernleaf's patented probiotic ingredient. Probiotics are known to support healthy digestive system, and to keep the body resistance getting stronger.
✔ Calcium and Vitamin D ~ For strong bones.
✔ Good Bacteria ~ For good gut function.

🌿 Discover The Uniqueness of A-Force
Children spend most of their time at school and at play, therefore they need a healthy body from the inside out. A-Force, with Vitamin D and Probio DR20™, helps children to face the day ahead!

🌿 Active Body
Fernleaf CalciYum Cultured Milk Drink contains calcium and is high in Vitamin D, to support the growth of strong bones. CalciYum also features Probio DR20™. A good intestinal environment is important for nutrient absorption.

🌿 Active Mind
This delicious cultured milk drink provides key nutrients to support our daily needs. Keeping our body health is important, as a healthy body allows us be ready to perform our best, and allows us to feel our best. #PositiveVibes

4 Variants of Fernleaf CalciYum Cultured Milk Drink

Original Cultured Milk Drink

Plain does not have to mean boring. With Vitamin D and Probio DR20™, the Original flavour cultured milk drink helps to support body's inner defenses. On top of that, original means that we can taste its lovely true flavour!

Apple Cultured Milk Drink

Quench our thirst with this refreshing taste of tangy Apple flavour! Besides tastes great, this cultured milk contains nutrients made specially to care for kid's inner defenses ~ to let kids be kids!

Orange Cultured Milk Drink

Treat our taste buds to a citrusy zest with Orange flavour! It is delicious as well as contains nutrients to support kid's inner defences ~ to let kids be kids!

Grape Cultured Milk Drink

We all love this smooth and sweet Grape flavour. This rich and sweet taste contains nutrients to support kid's inner defences.

About Fernleaf CalciYum Yogurt
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Another delightful treat that is bursting with creamy flavour for my kid's active lifestyle. Fernleaf CalciYum Yogurt contains four key nutrients including 2x calcium to support the growth of strong and healthy bones.

🌿 What is the Nutrition Benefits?
✔ 2x Calcium* ~ For strong bones and teeth
✔ Live Cultures ~ To support good digestive system

*Contains 2x calcium compared to regular full cream milk 100g

🌿 Discover The Uniqueness of A-Force
Children constantly engage themselves actively in school and during at play time. With A-Force, their active mind and body are ready to perform with their best - and to feel their best. Now with Phocuslipids™, Fernleaf's unique dairy lipid ingredient, the power of the A-Force is ready to unleash children's full potential.

🌿 Active Body
Fernleaf CalciYum Yogurt is high in calcium, Vitamin D and contains zinc to support the growth of strong bones.

🌿 Active Mind
Alongside zinc, Fernleaf CalciYum Yogurt features Phocuslipids™.

4 Variants of Fernleaf CalciYum Yogurt

Choco-Berry Yogurt

Climb into cocoa heaven with Fernleaf CalciYum Yogurt in Choco-Berry flavour. Apart from its rich creamy taste, the delicous yogurt has four main nutrients mixed in to support growth of strong bones.

Strawberry Grape Yogurt

This is my kid's favourite choice of flavour! The creamy goodness of both Strawberry and Grape flavours in one handy pack, a perfect snack that loaded with four key nutrients to bolster the healthy growth of bones.

Strawberry Mango Yogurt

Indulge in the taste of summertime sweetness with Strawberry and Mango flavours. This tantalizing tropical taste yogurt is fueled with four main nutrients to bolster the healthy growth of bones.

Vanilla Grape Yogurt

Enjoy a rich and creamy treat with a punch of fruit flavour in this Vanilla and Grape combo pack. Both flavours feature the four main nutrients to support the healthy growth of bones.

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