Monday, August 30, 2021

Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad 88th Anniversary #kulim88 Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign

The world has been changing drastically with the existence of Covid 19 virus. While our living and life are being affected and forced to adapt to this unpredictable outbreak, the pandemic has brought us closer. Many philanthropists are giving back to society by helping needy people and supporting healthcare system.

In conjunction of 88th Anniversary of Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad, the pioneer wants to give something big and meaningful to the community. The #kulim88 Campaign is carrying out to reach out the needy people and at the same time to increase their social media visibility.

In palm oil industry, Kulim Berhad is recognised as one of the leading palm oil groups with operations currently spanning over Malaysia and Indonesia. Kulim Berhad was amongst the earliest palm oil producers to be certified to Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) standard. Kulim's management and growth strategy is fundamentally guided by Vision 30:30 FFB, which aims to raise fruit yields to 30 tonnes per hectare and palm product extraction rates to 30%, balanced with sustainable development principles. 

Focused on leveraging their expertise in plantation, Kulim Berhad expands agribusiness activities which include integrated value chain of oil palm, pineapple, cattle, coconut and other crops. Kulim Berhad is pioneering in the field of RSPO and MSPO which is sustainable palm oil.

Sustainable palm oil is beneficial to:-
✅ Fulfills increasing Food Demand
✅ Supports affordable food prices 
✅ Supports poverty reduction
✅ Safeguards social interests, communities and workers
✅ Protects the environment and wildlife

Another core business including Kulim's Intrapreneur Ventures Division that involved in a diverse range of businesses, which are support operations for plantation, biofertilizer agricultural machinery, oil palm nursery and provide training and other related services to Occupational, Safety and Health (OSH) as well as IT-related and insurance broking services.

Kulim Berhad is also hiring at Plantation Division where this is another part to help the community and those in need of job, with a lots of occupation opportunities are opened at the plantations. Currently Kulim Berhad has 9000 employees and they aimed to have more by the end of the year.

In regards to current negativity and perception by the nation for the relaxation, lockdown and others, Kulim Berhad hopes this #kulim88 Campaign of giving back to the community can bring positive energy by posting good sharing in social media.    

Let's help the community by participating #kulim88 Campaign in which a pledge of RM88,888 is to be given to MyFundAction. Each social media post will generate RM1 contribution to the foundation.

Join #kulim88 Campaign with 3 easy steps:-
1. Follow @kulimberhad Instagram and Facebook
2. Use your creativity and positivity by posting on your social media with hashtag #kulim88 and tag @kulimberhad
3. Ensure your social media account is Public

🌿 Most Likes and Comments will stand a chance to win weekly prizes of RM88 or Grand Prize of RM888
🌿 10 weekly winners will be announced every 5 days
🌿  Campaign starts from 6th August 2021 until 22nd August 2021

My social media submission for #kulim88
Come let's join to do a good deed

More information on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), please visit

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