Saturday, May 6, 2023

Spend And Earn Money With Yippi Biz New Reward Program By TOGL To Reward Users

Today's world has many luxuries that may bring easier life for us, we want to enjoy these luxuries but at the same time living expenses is getting higher that becomes a burden for most of us. We start to find ways to reduce our spending cost, and look for discounts and promotions that will enable us to save for some extra money. Thanks to the super app Yippi by TOGL, by downloading this multifunctional super app, Yippi helps us to save a lot of expenses without realizing it in our daily life!

With 6 million users, Yippi has becomes an integral part of many people's daily live, particularly those of young generation and those with high disposable income. This diverse platform allows users to share their lives and to express their ideas, to purchase goods and services, to book travel tickets, and at the same time to earn reward points which in turn to cover their daily expenses. The multifunctional features are designed to enhance the user experience and to meet their daily needs in just one application. 

Spend and Earn Money with Yipps Wanted

Who does not like earning something extra while spending at the same time? Yippi Biz new reward program, Yipps Wanted allows users to earn instant reward points when spending on Yippi Biz's partner merchants. Yippi Biz's partner merchants are including RedBox, Park 28 Boutique Dining, Freestone, Bottomless and others, covering all aspects of eating, using and playing, and Yippi will continue to add in more merchant options.

For those users who love to share their lives and to express their ideas on social media, users may receive tips from posts or live streaming on Yippi. On top of that, Yippi users can earn reward points through occasional game events.  

Use Points for Dining, Entertainment and Even Paying Off Student Loans and Bills!

As we realize most of our spending costs are getting increased, thus we want to spend smarter. Thus we spend on something that can let us earn reward points. The accumulated reward points earned on Yipps Wanted have many uses, including to offset the utility bills such as water and electricity bills, phone bills and student loans. 

These reward points also can be used on Yippi Biz's partner merchants, covering various fields such as catering, online shopping, tourism, entertainment, beauty and healthcare. In addition, customers can use these reward points to shop on Yippi partner e-commerce platform TopzMall or to book travel packages and hotels on the electronic travel platform TogaGo.

Why Should I Download Yippi App?

Yippi can meet our needs on eating, drinking and playing, as well as allows us to earn and exchange reward points from all the small details of our daily life, which helps us to save more! Remember, every little bit counts, so download Yippi now, register for a free account, and become a savvy consumer!

About Yippi

Yippi is a social and communication application developed by TOGL Technology Sdn Bhd. As a super app, Yippi's biggest highlight is the creation of a reward ecosystem, powered by Yipps reward points. The special feature on these reward points is that it can be used on the functions within the Yippi app, and also can be linked to the systems of Yippi Biz, TopzMall, TogaGo, Eostre, and more. This provides users a brand-new point accumulation experience.

How Do I Download Yippi?

Download Yippi app for free through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei App Gallery. Once downloaded, sign up for a free account and enjoy the Yippi experience!

How To Access Yippi Biz?

Download "Yippi" from Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei App Gallery, and register for a free account. Click on the 'Yipps Wanted' button at the home page of Yippi app to view merchants nearest to you.

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  1. I downloaded this app too. Quite a lot of interesting features to explore.

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