Monday, May 27, 2019

Affordable Price with Fresh Selection at Segi Fresh

Grocery shopping has been part of my weekly routine for my mommy-life journey. Olden days was like I went to wet market as wish to buy fresh food with cheaper price. Nowadays there are many grocery store and supermarket with air-cond so that customer would not feel sweating while buying food like in the olden wet market. However, to find a good conditioned supermarket and at the same time to get affordable and cheap price is still a challenge facing by me.

Recently I have the opportunity to visit Segi Fresh at Balakong outlet, and to my surprise, they have all I ever wish for my desired grocery shopping needs ~ cheap price with fresh selection, convenient parking, and most importantly I can have my grocery shopping done with no sweats and enjoy my leisure time to shop around! *People who know me well that I am a very-slow person, like to do things slow and even shopping also in slow and leisure style, haha^^

Segi Fresh is operated under SEGI Group, which is a Malaysian based company established for over 18 years. With a leading business philosophy and new innovative concept combined with traditional attributes of "fresh market", Segi Fresh has introduced a whole new shopping experience for both traders and end users.

Specializing in retail/wholesale, Segi Fresh is a Direct Distribution Centre which promises FRESH Goods with Competitive PRICE, CONVENIENCE of Shopping, Wide VARIETY to cater customers' needs, and SERVICE that puts a smile on people's face.

Groceries, produce and meat are directly sourced from farmers, fishermen and manufacturers both locally and abroad, eliminating the cost of engaging middle men in order to pass on the savings to customers. Segi Fresh is further to exercise control over freshness and quality of goods by supervising its own logistics, which includes storage and distribution to all its marketing networks and consumers. Customers also can enjoy the convenience of online purchase via with delivery service right to the doorstep for time saving on customers.

Well, here are some "freshness goodness" that were captured by my camera ~~

Feeling so good to buy my grocery needs within my budgeted amount and lists at Segi Fresh Supermarket. I could be able to buy more to stock up my half month supply of food at home, feeling blessed for my saving on household spending.

If you are looking for thrifty grocery shopping, check this out at Segi Fresh Supermarket, where they offered FRESH variety selection and SAVING with affordable prices, grocery shopping at Segi Fresh is so worth it!

Segi Fresh has 32 outlets in nationwide, therefore customers can choose the outlet from the many lists which is nearer to their living place, making their grocery shopping even more convenient.

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  1. eating fresh and hygiene food is really important. because it can impact your health and also your teeth. don't forget to consume calcium for a strong bone and teeth :)