Monday, May 27, 2019

Launching of Roket Pemasaran Momentum 2019: Nak Tarik Pelanggan

Just RM1 for seminar fee and you will be learning the knowledge on Online Marketing and Strategy, unbelievable? Yes it is true and you can rest assured that the seminar is presented and guided by the well-known Online Marketing Expert and internet entrepreneur Najib Asaddok, Chief Executive Officer of Momentum Internet Sdn Bhd.

Marketing and purchasing trends have evolved over the years, along with the latest technological development. As more people are exposed to online social media, which is at the same time more people are seeking information from online sources, this in turn has set a new trend which affects the way of consumers to purchase a product or service. Therefore, entrepreneurs must be able to grab this opportunity and to utilize the online platforms as to ensure stable growth for their business and stay relevant in the competitive market place. 

The mentioned situation is acknowledged by Najib Asaddok, who is aware of the importance for entrepreneurs to keep up with the latest technology, especially in areas involving online marketing.

In view of the above mentioned online marketing trend, Najib Asaddok who is also an internet entrepreneur since 2009, recently launched a campaign called "Roket Pemasaran Momentum". The campaign is with the aim to help 50,000 entrepreneurs, especially for business owners who wish to gain a deeper understanding on online marketing and to attract more customers.

"The main objective of this campaign is to equip entrepreneurs with strategies on how to market their products or services through online platforms." mentioned Najib Asaddok.

"While online marketing has been proven to help boost business growth, there are still a lot of entrepreneurs that have yet to apply online marketing for their business. With our Online Rocket Marketing Formula, their marketing campaign will be more effective, their brand awareness will increase significantly, and of course, their sales will start to skyrocket." said Najib Asaddok.

According to the latest report from Hootsuite, 24 million Malaysian are online every day. " This is a great opportunity that entrepreneurs should seize in their effort to introduce their product and service," further mentioned by Najib Asaddok during the press conference for Launching of Roket Pemasaran Momentum 2019: Nak Tarik Pelanggan, which was held at Holiday Villa Subang, Selangor on 23 May 2019.

Najib Asaddok stated that the number 50,000 is chosen in connection with Momentum Internet's 5th Anniversary this year. Roket Pemasaran Momentum has a mission to help 50,000 Malaysian entrepreneurs in building their business and increasing their sales, through a series of Roket Pemasaran Momentum classes that are offered at an unbelievable low fee ~ just RM1.

And this is even including free online business knowledge book which is written and shared by Najib Asaddok himself!

To grab this amazing offer, registration can be done here:

"Our main target groups are those who have already run a business; these are Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Founders, Sales Persons, Stockists and Agents. We've also focusing on 5 main industries; Fashion, Food & Beverage, Health, Beauty and Services." said Najib Asaddok.

Since year 2015, Momentum Internet has helped more than 38,000 entrepreneurs nationwide through a series of classes and programs. In addition, more that 20% of the entrepreneurs have gone through their advanced courses.

"The percentage of success rate is quite subjective. We believe that with the formula explained to them, their chance to thrive in business increase dramatically. We have proven that there are plenty of successful entrepreneurs that we guide, and have achieved their first RM1 million sales, within 6-12 months coaching." explained by Najib Asaddok.

Besides being a well-known trainer and speaker, Najib Asaddok is also the author of motivational and marketing books with titled Roket Emel, Roket Bisnes, Momentum Bisnes, Roket Pemasaran Momentum, and 4 Turbo Copywriting. With his vast experience in sales market since year 2005, Najib Asaddok has helped many entrepreneurs through a series of online training on Facebook, YouTube and E-mail.

Najib Asaddok strongly believes that, human life can change if there is KNOWLEDGE, COMMITMENT, and TAWAKKAL to Allah SWT.

As always quoted by Najib Asaddok ~:~

"As a human, we only DO THE BEST consistently to achieve success."

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